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Viasat Exede high speed internet now available in Washington, PA

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Viasat Exede high speed internet now available in Washington, PA

Exede available in Washington, PA from Stereo Outlet

Exede from Stereo Outlet transports you into the new age of rural-based Internet service. It is ViaSat's latest satellite internet provider, with rising demands from rural customers and expectations that exceed those of other competitors. Download larger pictures, stream HD movies, send emails with efficiency. This winning mix of high speed optimized bandwidth and wireless technology has made it possible for even those in rural areas to get the connection they deserve.

Wireless Internet Packages

The smart customer can choose from many package options to suit their individual needs as well as their pocketbooks. Starting at the reasonable rate of $49.99, the customer can get a 10GB bandwidth per month; perfect for those new to the online experience. It is a light internet offer for research, emails and news updates. For just $79.99 you can double your bandwidth to 15GB and experience a better, faster internet with more options than emails, research and surfing the web. For those who spend a great deal more time on the computer, the 15GB plan is ideally suited; this is the plan that will facilitate the use of graphics heavy sites like YouTube and Facebook. The final plan we offer provides you with 25GB with the highest, best and fastest quality that satellite internet can provide you for just $129.99 per month. This plan is designed for families who use the net all at once from multiple computers, or for those deeply immersed web surfers that deal with massive files. Additionally, a great customer service option comes with each and every plan; this is the same level of customer service that ViaSat has always given its customers.

Satellite Internet From Hughesnet

HughesNet, another satellite broadband company associated with Dish Network has similar deals but offer more restrictions. This system can reach an optimum 250MB each day, not allowing customers to get the very most out of the Internet as well as its media content. With plans for expansion in the future, HughesNet is slowly catching up to the competition.

High Speed Internet - Cox, Time Warner, Comcast

Cable-based online services like Time Warner, Cox and Comcast restrict customers to a single provider and certain geographical sites where their high speed internet cables operate. Anyone living in remote areas cannot have cable internet because their providers and services simply can't reach that far. Cable Internet is still the mode of choice for many as it is available in many areas.

Verizon FiOS and Google Fiber

FiOS from Verizon and Fiber from Google represent a new form of cable internet - one that relies on sending light signals instead of electrical signals per normal cable internet. By using light to transfer data, the fiber optic cable opens up available bandwidth for users. However, like the traditional cable that you probably already have hooked up to your house, fiber optic cable has to be run to every single establishment, which could take years for Verizon and Google to complete.

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Launched in 2012, this new satellite is comprised of the newest technology available - and now it is available to you. With ViaSat's Exede, you get the best of both worlds: fast, solid internet and satellite reliability regardless of your location. By way of the Ka band (a decided improvement over Hughesnet's Ku band), ViaSat 1 hosts an extensive bandwidth that allows the user to surf the net at the same speed as those who have cable.

This winning mix of advanced Internet technology has been combined and optimized to deliver an incredible Internet experience. Do it all--and much faster--with a little help from Exede Broadband Washington, PA from Stereo Outlet.